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Micro-Glass Composite

Micro-Glass Composite



Light-cured, microfilled hybrid composite based on micro glass- filler.


This new material is essentially stronger and harder when compared to previous materials.


The well balanced filler guarantees a remarkable florescence effect with natural opalescence and translucency matching those of natural dentition.


The viscosity of the material gives excellent modelling ability and is ‘non-sticky’ on the spatula.


The selected grain size enables high-gloss polishing, resulting in restorations which are highly abrasion-resistant with excellent aesthetics.


SOLUTION-LC has been designed to meet the needs of the modern Dental Laboratory for both reliability and profitability.

  • Large range of indications for universal application

  • Easy to work with using the direct layering technique

  • Easy to model and repair

  • Economical

  • Contains special microglass fillers which produce brilliant colours

  • Polishes effortlessly to a high-gloss finish which guarantees a stable finished surface

  • High colour stability and abrasion resistance for long-life restorations

    Available in 9 VITA* shades: A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B2/B3/C2/C3/D3

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