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NP50 Longlife - Dentalfarm-type (5pc)

NP50 Longlife - Dentalfarm-type (5pc)

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For casting Non-Precious and Cobalt-Chromium alloys


NP50 are a unique range of top quality crucibles made by specialists who adhere to the original dimensions but the material and manufacturing process are vastly improved.


NP50 feature a thin inner coating of silicon nitride and gives approximately 50+ castings per crucible. They meet the most exacting criteria and replace all previously used crucibles.


  • Specially developed to cast NP and CrCo alloys
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Will not fuse with oxides
  • No special instructions for use
  • Extra long life
  • Saves both time and money


For casting Non-Precious, Cobalt-Chromiumand Palladium-based alloys

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