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Not for dental use due to not being CE marked.



Introduced in 1987, NPG is the first patented, yellow-gold colored alloy for construction of type 2 restorations. A premium, non-precious casting alloy for fixed crowns, bridges and onlays, NPG is recognized worldwide as the gold alterna- tive—and has been for 25 years.


NPG and NPG+2 are unique alloys; formally the only formulations of their type to be Accepted by the American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Materials, in 1989 and 1998 respectively. NPG offers the appearance and handling characteristics of precious Type III yellow-gold alloys, but at a fraction of the cost. Your laboratory will benefit from smooth and accurate NPG castings, providing reliable quality and fit. NPG is simple to finish, and soldering is trouble-free with our specially formulated Aalba Gold Solder and Aalba Flux.


The bio-compatibility of NPG has been established through extensive in-vitro corrosion and biological studies. With over 25 years of clinical service, NPG has been proven to offer patients reliability, durability, comfort



Non-ceramic fixed appliances, full cast crowns (FMC), single units, onlays, short-span multiple unit bridgework, metal sub-structure for veneer crowns using polymer resins (acrylic & composites), posts and cores.



When soldering is required for repair and or construction, use only gold based brazing materials such as our 585 type Aalba Gold Solder and accompanying Aalba Flux. For improved cast performance, use only our Albral Casting Flux.


Discounts are available for large quantities.

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